Fixed Income Investments for All Styles of Investors


Do you know what fixed income investments are? This is a popular category of investment, with several product options (CDB, Savings, Treasury Direct, among others) that bring a common characteristic. They present the income rule from the beginning.


Fixed income investments are divided into several categories of products. You need to understand what they are before you start investing.

Yes, fixed income investments have the pay, the term and the pre-established conditions.

Thus, the investor has the opportunity to know all this information in the act of applying the capital. With this, they avoid surprises such as those that occur, for example, with variable income investments that do not allow predicting income.

And it is precisely this sense of security that ends up attracting investors who have at their disposal fixed income investments in three formats.

There are fixed rates, which have a fixed rate of return that is defined at the time of purchase and remains the same until maturity.

There are also post-fixed ones, where profitability is tied to an index, such as the Selic rate. Or even a mix of both, known as hybrid. In this case, it has a system similar to the postfix, because it also has an indexer.


Fixed income investments for all tastes


Fixed income investments for all tastes

There are, in the market, some types of fixed income investments. They are in public securities, the Federal Government, and private securities, issued by companies, financial or by the banks themselves.

All types of fixed income available are targets of choices that must be based essentially on the investor profile. In addition, the country’s economic scenario is a determining factor in times of market oscillations.

And to choose the best, one must take into account several factors. These include investor goals, your current life time and the time you can have the value you want to apply.

In addition, it is essential to be informed about interest rates, among other economic issues linked to fixed income investments and the country scenario.

But to contribute to your analysis, we will present the key features of some of the most commonly used fixed income products that are commonly found in the market.

It is always important to know the rules of application of each one of them. But it is also vital to keep an issue in mind. Fixed income investments tend to be medium and long term. This means that they will always be worth more when the application time is longer.

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Check out the best known fixed income products on the market


Check out the best known fixed income products on the market


There is no doubt here. Savings are by far the most popular investment of Brazilians. It is also known for not charging fees and taxes. However, it offers contained income.

This is considered the most common fixed income investments.

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Treasury Direct

The Treasury Direct is nothing more than a program of the Federal Government created to negotiate public bonds by individuals.

This is the investment considered the safest in the market, since it has the guarantee of the National Treasury, that is, the Federal Government.

It offers bonds with certain types of profitability, maturity dates and remuneration flows. Among them are the IPCA + Treasury , Treasury Selic, Prefixed Treasury with Semiannual Interest (NTN-F) and Pre-Fixed Treasury (LTN).

The minimum amount for investment attracts as it is low. It is not exempt from IR and IOF.

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CDB – Certificate of Bank Deposit

The CBD is a private bond issued by the banks, which use the money invested by the investor to borrow money. With interest, the bank pays the investor.

It is guaranteed by the Guarantor Loan Fund (FGC) for up to R $ 250,000 invested by CPF and financial institution. Cobra IOF for rescue done before 30 days and IR.

LC – Bill of Exchange

The LC is a bond issued by financiers and has the same function as the CDB, the difference is that here the investor lends the money to the financial (not the banks) and has a profitability.

It is guaranteed by the FGC and is not exempt from IOF (for redemption before 30 days) and IR.

LCI – Real Estate Credit Letter

LCI is an investment that is exempt from Income Tax for individuals in the income obtained. Its issuance is directly linked to loans used to finance mortgage-backed securities or by fiduciary disposal. It is guaranteed by the FGC.

LCA – Agribusiness Credit Letter

The LCA is also exempt from IR but, unlike LCI, is tied to credit dedicated to financing the agricultural sector.

CRI – Real Estate Receivables Certificate

This is a title that has a direct relation with the receipts of rent of real estate. It works like a negotiation that gives the right of the investor to receive the future rent of a certain property, as if he were the owner of that property.

It offers little liquidity since it is not easy to sell the bond before maturity, and it is exempt from IR and IOF in the income for individuals. It does not have the FGC guarantee.

CRA – Agribusiness Receivables Certificate

CRA works similarly to the CRI, but the focus here is on rural enterprises, that is, farming activity.

It is an investment considered risky because of some types of climate change, such as drought. However, the remuneration is usually higher, precisely because of the risks.

It is exempt from IR and IOF in income and does not have the guarantee of FGC.


The debentures are securities issued by companies. They have already specific remuneration, as well as their due dates. They have the purpose of capturing resources with the most different purposes.

They are traded on the stock exchange, for a certain price, and present higher risks. Therefore, it is important that the investor knows well what the company’s project is, as well as what its prospects are before investing. Not guaranteed by FGC.

Got to know a little of the main fixed income investments?


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