Guarantor Can Apply For Credit?

We wrote this article after we received several questions from readers. Many people have doubts about whether or not the guarantors can ask for credit. Perhaps this doubt demonstrates ignorance about what it means to be guarantor … So, in this article we will answer the question: Can a guarantor ask for credit? for more.


What It Means to Be a Guarantor

What It Means to Be a Guarantor

Banks seek to increase the collateral of their credit agreements. They want to ensure that if their customers do not pay them someone will pay for them. Thus, the guarantor appears as an additional guarantor of payment. You have a duty to pay if the customer does not. And it does not have great associated rights … so, if you were guarantor, you now know the risk that runs. If not hopefully he will conclude that it makes no great sense to be guarantor.

Do you want a Credit and a Surety?

If you are looking for a bank loan know that being a guarantor of someone has very little impact in assessing your risk. Banks may find it somewhat uncomfortable if the proponent of the credit is guarantor of several persons or if any of these persons has evidence of default. However, as a rule, it does not have much impact.

So What Has Impact on the Credit Application?

Do you want a Credit and a Surety?

Banks want to ensure that the customer is a trustworthy customer. In this way, they will evaluate all the indications and indicators to assess the client’s risk. Here we have the traditional analysis of wages, labor contract, loan / guarantee relationship, among others. If this is the case, we suggest that you consult TRE credit simulator to see the best benefit for your specific case.

If It Were Sure, Be Wary

Although the banks may not harm the guarantors, this does not mean that guarantors are not cautious. Always think if your family member / friend does not pay the benefit, will you be able to afford this benefit, plus all your monthly expenses and the burden of one more loan? Choose prudence. Be cautious and keep a margin of safety to ensure that you will not come into financial emergency.

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