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Stefanie, what’s up with the new job profile?

A clerk or businessman for office management has been a new apprenticeship recognized by the IHK since 1 August 2014. It combines “office clerks”, “office communication clerks” and “office communication clerks”.

What makes office management training so special in contrast to the other three occupations?

The better opportunities in professional life! Office management merchants can work in almost all sectors of the economy, including: B. in industry, in the craft, but also in public service.

Are there any changes compared to before?


Are there any changes compared to before?


The exam is regulated differently. In the old job, there was an intermediate exam with multiple-choice assignments at the middle of the training. The grade of this exam did not flow into the grades.

The new job description eliminates the classic intermediate exam. The first part of our final exam is the middle of our training, and this only at the computer. The material from the first fifteen training months is requested. The grade counts to 25 percent and contributes to the final exam grade. In addition, we can select two out of ten priorities, so-called electoral qualifications. At the end of the training, we will then be examined orally at the IHK; both in technical subjects and in electoral qualifications.

Which eligibility did you choose?

“Human Resources” as well as “Marketing and Sales”.

Why just for these two?

Why just for these two?


Before I started my training here at Creditplus Bank, I worked as a temporary assistant in the HR department. The work was interesting, I enjoyed it and I got a first impression of the activities. The eligibility allows me to acquire even more background knowledge. Of course I will use that!
My interest in marketing and sales was awakened during my time at the Business High School. The connections are very exciting.

What is the significance of the eligibility for the training company?

The company must ensure that the trainee is optimally prepared for his oral exam. Only here can the apprentice learn the competences that are prescribed by the IHK. This means that Creditplus Bank assumes a high degree of responsibility.


The Creditplus apprentices Stefanie and Sina in front of the German Employees Academy (DAA) Stuttgart. Here was the preparation course for the exam.

Back to the first part of the final exam: How did you prepare for this?

The exam took place for the first time in November 2015. Therefore, we could not rely on previous examination documents. It was new territory for both teachers and students. Together with my fellow trainees I was looking for preparatory courses and actually there was one that the IHK offered.
In consultation with the Human Resources Department we were able to attend the course. Incidentally, Creditplus Bank has also paid the examination fees for my three fellow trainees and myself.


Nilüfer and Giovanni (middle and far right), trainees at Creditplus with a classmate during the preparatory course of the IHK

Tell us something about the preparation course

He left for five days. In it we worked on exercises that were provided to us by the IHK. The aim of the course was to prepare us for the exam in the best possible way.

And how did the test go?

The tasks were feasible. However, the time was too short. Many apprentices from our school did not manage all the exams.

I hope that we will all finish well and are looking forward to the result in January 2016.

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