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Is Crefisa a financial or bank? What does Crefisa sell? What kind of personal loan and financial services does Crefisa offer? The modality Crefisa even negative loan is suitable for anyone? When we need borrowed money, what comes next is to look for a company that is qualified for this, in Brazil we find a dozen of them, each one with its lines of credit and specific loan modalities.

One of these financiers who offers cash on interest with differentiated conditions is the “financial Crefisa”, since it was created this in full development. Since 1964, since then, Crefisa has stood out in the personal loan market for granting some types of financial transactions that most banks and banking institutions do not want to do. The financial Crefisa facilitates the granting of personal loans for retirees, pensioners and public servants who are negative (name with credit restriction), by the way, find out how to make paycheck loan retired INSS. In addition to the already described, who needs personal credit and quick cash to use as they wish, can borrow up to the advance loan to refund the Income Tax.

The most interesting thing in the proposal of the financial company Crefisa is to release personal loans for those people who are having difficulty obtaining cash resources in the private or state banking institutions and yet, lend money without bureaucracy and very fast.
Crefisa’s even-denied loan is differentiated, but you can also try to make a loan at the Panamericano bank, if you have a card and register, think about hiring the Credicard personal loan with exclusive terms. With the loan in the Cacique the rates and interest are affordable. Need money? Is it worth applying for a loan at Santander? Check it out for yourself, go to the website or call the service. Some lending companies offer credit without proof of income, search on Google. It serves in the armed forces the consigned credit for Military is the most indicated, the interest is very low.

If you are an entrepreneur, surely Crefisa will not be able to help you as a legal entity, try to know which bank loans are available. The norm now is to make personal loan online fast and easy, but be careful with the financing company that is offering the credit.

The personal loan Crefisa does not impose on the contractor those bureaucracies with papers and more papers, who requests the loan is with the name dirty in the square, mainly in the SCPC, Serasa or CCF, that is to say, it is denied in the organs of protection to the credit and for that reason find resistance in obtaining bank loans. At financial Crefisa completing the deal is easy, the borrowed money comes out fast, the release is automatic and credited directly into the client’s bank account in less than 24 hours after the request and approval.

Consigned in Crefisa


Many believe that Crefisa is a payroll loan, but the truth is that Crefisa does not make payroll loans , not for retirees, nor for pensioners or loans for civil servants. Crefisa makes loans in the form of personal credit, also enables the interested party to make the personal loan even if they already have credit and financing operations in progress in other financial institutions, credit companies or banks.

Loan installments


 Loan installments


Like any personal loan, the interested party takes the money but has to make the return divided into installments for a few months. At Crefisa, the number of installments that can be made by the applicant depends on the maximum amount of indebtedness to arrive at the calculation, a credit analysis and the profile of the customer is made to determine the amount that can be borrowed and in how many installments the loan will be returned.


Loan application


 Loan application


To make the hiring in the financial Crefisa, it is necessary that the client presents all the necessary original documents, another important detail, it is not possible to make the loan by telephone, internet or via mail, signed the contract and sending. The client Crefisa have to appear in person to do the simulation of the loan, to know the (CET) of the operation, the amount that can be borrowed, about the interest rates, choose the payment term and inform the bank account to receive the loan released .

More detailed information can be obtained from the official website of the financier or look for a store closer to home or work, do not forget to bring the necessary documents – original RG and CPF, proof of current residence, last three original income vouchers, bank statement of the payday of the salary or benefit.

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